There is no doubt that we are living in changing times. While some of theses changes are definitely for the greater good, others have been much more challenging to navigate. Although there have been more self made millionaires in the last decade than at any other point in history, there are still so many that struggle to understand where they belong and how to make the most of the life that they have been given.

As a single mom, with no formal education, Stephanie has soared to success by understanding how to adapt to this changing world, where to put her energy and how to over come the obstacles placed before her. She believes that this is due in large to her mindset, how she shows up and how she interacts with others.

It is her desire that by drawing on her own experience and understanding, she will be able to help others do the same. So welcome to her website, may you draw some insights and inspirations to help you in your journey, and if you need a little more, please reach out and connect. Stephanie is excited to hear from you.

“What I enjoyed the most about witnessing Stéphanie on the stage at the Mindvalley event in Quebec, is listening to her passion and determination when she spoke about her role as a single mother. She was incredibly inspirational when she talked about the faith and love she lives by and how it leads her as a business woman, an artist and a speaker! Thank you Stéphanie for sharing your message with so much strength and vulnerability!“

Nathalie C.
Granby, QC
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