Certified speaker, trainer and professional coach, Stephanie Nielson strongly believes that it is her life’s purpose to “Prepare the path for others”. Her philosophy is that if she can do it, so can you!

Since she was a small child she knew there was more to life than what we can see. She has always had an uncanny ability to lean into the positive, stay open to the possibilities and to live in love. Lucky for her too as growing up in chaos, these skills were definatley a requirement!

Throughout the years Stephanie has staunchly held the position that each experience held an opportunity to learn and to grow. No matter what life threw at her, Stephanie found a way to take the positive and use it a stepping stone to her next level of excellence. Along the way she became an expert at overcoming obstacles and found a passion in inspiring others to do the same. 

With little more than her can do attitude and strong work ethic, she built a successful career as a Business Development Manager in the corporate world. This career path opened doors to study in the areas of marketing, relationship development and strategic sales planning among other disciplines. Creating and spearheading Leadership Development Training calls and micro-learning podcasts on Sales Strategies she is seen as motivational leader among her professional peers.

Stephanie uses her leadership training along with her personal and professional experience to help others find their why, identfy their desires and map out their goals. Living a life that exceeds any ambition that she had ever envisioned for herself, Stephanie is living proof that anything is possible. Her life exemplifies that our only limits are the ones we create for ourselves and that everything begins with a simple step forward.

Deeply passionate about life and all the magic that it has to offer, Stephanie does not claim to be a physiologist, psychiatrist or have an medical expertise or opinion.  As a writer, researcher and avid learner, she instead sees herself as a vehicle to provide information and insights using her experience as well as her speaking, coaching and mentorship skills.  

It is with this attitude that she works to prepare a path for others and inspire all to believe that they too can live their best life!

“I had the good fortune to see Stephanie speak as part of a panel at the Women in Power breakfast during Water Week in Washington, DC. Not only was she a compelling and inspiring speaker, I found her attitude and perception towards being a woman working in a male dominate industry very refreshing. I especially appreciated how she spoke about not experiencing obstacles because she does not look for them. She went on to say that as long as we see ourselves as men and woman in the workplace opposed to just colleagues we will always feel a division. This was truly insightful for me. I hope I get an opportunty to hear her speak again in the future.

Scott B.
Seattle, WA
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