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Zen Matters

Zen Matters: A Journey to Spiritual Triumph Ah, Spirituality… such a wonderful concept. How lovely it would be to live in a state of constant peace and happiness spending our days skipping through life with nothing but smiles and sunshine beaming out of our… Continue Reading “Zen Matters”

21 Days to Gratitude

21 Days To Gratitude: A Zen Matters Workbook Gratitude… the most important factor to building a life filled with happiness and abundance. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude consistently for just 21 days can actually re-wire our brains and make a long term effect… Continue Reading “21 Days to Gratitude”

Don’t be a Dumbass

Don’t be a Dumbass: The Every Guys Guide to Getting the Girl How do you take a Dumbass and turn him into a Romeo? Easy!! Get him to follow the seven simple steps in “Don’t be a Dumbass – The Every Guys Guide to… Continue Reading “Don’t be a Dumbass”