Keynote Speaker

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel!”

Carl W. Buechner

Looking for a dynamic, passionate and authentic speak for your next event?

Whether speaking about gratitude at the Mindvally event in Montreal, QC or sharing her experience as a woman working in a male dominant industry at Waterpower Week in Washington, DC Stephanie showcases great flexibilty in the audiences she can impact and the topics she can discuss. No matter the stage or the story, Stephanie knows how to connect with her audience in a compelling and inspiring way.

Book Stephanie today as a keynote speaker for your next confrence, business summit or event. She is available both in person and in virtual formats and will work with you to customize her message for your audience. Topic may include:

Diversity and Inclusion

Overcoming Obstacles

Women in the Workplace

Finding Abundance in the Mundane

Goal Setting that Works

Contact Stephanie today to discuss how she can help make your next even memoriable!

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