Zen Matters

Zen Matters: A Journey to Spiritual Triumph

Ah, Spirituality… such a wonderful concept. How lovely it would be to live in a state of constant peace and happiness spending our days skipping through life with nothing but smiles and sunshine beaming out of our @$$! Oops, was that my outside voice? Slightly sarcastic I know but hey, we’ve all felt it. So what do we do? While Eastern philosophies and spirituality are great in concept, it seems the reality of implementing them into our fast paced, chaotic Western world does not seem to work. Unless of course you are willing to give everything up and become a spiritual nomad. Or does it? Zen Matters is a personal and practical guide to living a more spiritually balance life amidst all the crazy while learning to find peace, love and happiness in the everyday things. Click here to get your copy today!!

“Ladies and Gentlemen this is absolutely the most amazing read out there right now! As a person recovering from substance abuse and an inflated ego I found Zen Matters to be a saving grace in my life!”

Jon T.
New Orleans, LA

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