21 Days to Gratitude

21 Days To Gratitude: A Zen Matters Workbook

Gratitude… the most important factor to building a life filled with happiness and abundance. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude consistently for just 21 days can actually re-wire our brains and make a long term effect on how we view life. So how does one achieve this state when we exist in a world that showcases an abundance of negativity? This 21 day journal will show you step-by-step and day-by-day how you can change your attitude to one of gratitude in a simple yet very effective manner. By dedicating only a few minutes a day you can change your perspective for a lifetime. Filled with hints, tips and insights this book will help you to begin your journey into a new you with a new view. Click here to get your copy today!

“This book is helping me to feel more love and compassion for myself and the people around me. It is a great workbook and I think everyone should have it!”

Debbie F.
Victoria, BC

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